If you are ever in need of an Accident Claim type of lawyer, then I can share a recommendation, my son had a serious Road Traffic Accident back in September last year, he is making a good recovery we used a firm based in Manchester to help us Slater Heelis I can’t recommend them enough, Sasha was in part to blame for the Accident but the firm have taken it on and we are hopeful he will get an insurance payout from the driver concerns insures.

He lives in Plymouth so it is not so easy to reach down to him and so on.

The incident happened very early on a Sunday morning whilst he was cycling to work, he went across a red light and was unlucky to be hit by a speeding driver who had not slowed down.  He had a broken leg, hand and 8 broken ribs, in fact he was lucky to even get off the road that day.  But he is a strong lad, rugby player type and played Rugby as often as possible whilst at Wrekin College, that has gone a long way towards saving him.

He’s been off work for around 6 months but has now gone back and is managing to work more or less as normal again.

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