As an Accountant myself I’ve been given the task of assisting the Conservative Group with our rival budget proposals.   Not surprisingly the Labour group have not been impressed with our efforts, however Officers of Telford and Wrekin have been complimentary recognising the amount of work involved (budgets take up a surprisingly large amount of everyone’s time in all organisations) and that having a rival budget to debate and discuss is positive and good for democracy as residents can see in some detail our proposals.

The main thrust of our approach has been to limit the growth in debt, initially when prudential borrowing came along Councils including Telford and Wrekin were understandably reluctant to borrow.  But not so this present socialist administration who very much subscribe to the tax and spend policies of old labour, but with added “Spin” to present things as the Conservative’s being against investment which we are not, we oppose unsustainable debt levels.

Also in our two most recent alternative budget proposals we have also highlighted:-

Highways  – Our detailed plans to improve and invest in Highways over the longer term

Recycling – Our wishes to improve the recycling rates in Telford and bring them closer to the far better performance of our near neighbours over the border in Wales.

Planning – To revisit the Town Plan and refocus sites to protect the environment

Education – To provide funds to plan and begin to develop for improved Secondary education – unlike Labour who just ignore the crisis growing in Senior Education in Telford.