Every now and then I write and publish an article on business or political sites, I am a Chartered Accountant so I do have a good amount of knowledge at least about Finance and related topics.   One area I am interested in is the future direction of Conservative policy.

Here is an Article I recently published which covers the Australian system of compulsory private health insurance.  Given our success with Auto Enrolment for pensions in the UK, I think this is a great way to improve and increase the funding of health care in the UK.  I propose that high earners are required to be enrolled into an employers health scheme in the same way that Auto Enrolment is required for Pensions.

In this way we can reduce the earnings threshold and steadily increase the number of citizens receiving private sector heath care, which in turn will free up resources for the NHS to focus on accident emergency and long term critical care conditions such as Cancer.

I believe that once citizens see for themselves how better private sector health care is, in terms of flexibility and speed of treatment then it will grow significantly.  My Proposals  for UK Health Care can be found here.

The policy is getting some great feedback via my Twitter account.

I spend a fair amount of time working on a few websites, here is one that I work on at the moment – FD Capital on Bloglovin. This is a great site all about being a Portfolio FD in Telford (which is my Job at the moment)

This site also has its own Bloglovin section now too! That should help to boost our rankings, though only very slightly!

I now have a few more blogs and site

Article Alley is being rebuilt and is as a result better than ever.

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