What we are doing for Muxton

Time goes by so fast I can’t believe that I’ve been a Councillor for Muxton for 16 years next month and are back campaigning for another 4 years, but time really does fly by..   This election has of course been held under the shadow of Brexit and it is a shame to see many residents are not going to vote at all in protest at the national picture in what are local elections.  Hopefully once all this has worked its way through and we have a new Prime Minister then these lost voters will return back to the fold.

I have been out canvassing every weekend since January and have now worked my way around most of the ward,  just Wellington Road, Muxton Lane and Fieldhouse drive to canvass more thoroughly this weekend.  The postal votes start to go out from Friday 12th April through to Thursday 18th April so I am trying to get complete most of my door knocking by then.  Our election address has started to be delivered also and myself and Cllr Nigel Dugmore are busy going around delivering those in the early mornings/evenings also.  So if you see two guys wandering around at odd hours they are likely to be us!

This year are priorities are shown on the back of the calling card I have been putting through doors as I work my way around.

  1. School catchment areas – parents are very unhappy with the designation of the Priory School as the main school for Muxton – as it has amongst the worst academic record in the whole of the UK, whereas Burton Borough has one of the best in Telford & Wrekin.  If there ever was a spiteful policy change by the Labour Administration this is it and it will have cost them a lot of votes in Muxton, though there are not that many in the first place.
  2. Over Development – Muxton has been targeted by Labour as a dumping ground for borough expansion it seems Labour want Priorslee and Muxton (both Conservative wards) to bear the brunt of the housing growth, another political inspired project if there ever was one.
  3. Speeding – this has become a much bigger issue this year than before, though personally I am not sure actual speeding is any worse than 4 years ago, resident awareness of it is certainly is.  In this myself and Cllr Dugmore have had some success at least, we have installed CID speed signs on Marshbrook way and over the last week or so one on Wellington Road, these seemed to have helped at least in the area close to their location.
  4. Local environment residents remain unhappy how our Council tax bills have gone up whilst the standard of street cleanliness has gone down all at time when Labour are splurging funds on their vanity projects such as Telford 50 and pumping huge funds into Labour wards.

Over the last 4 years we have challenged successfully a number of key planning applications in conjunction with other councillors and of course installed the outdoor gym on Marshbrook Way and Multi-use games areas behind the school.

We both have worked hard these last four years and very much want to continue on with our Local Campaign to make Muxton an even better place to live.









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