Muxton Lane Quiet Lane proposal

Our public meeting on Wednesday 13th February was well attended, my colleague Cllr Phil Loughlin led the meeting and explained the benefits of designating Muxton Lane as a quiet lane (rather than a quite lane as officers seems to keep spelling it on their plans).   This gives the road a little extra protection from a planning point of view, but doesn’t alter its use or speed or other similar aspects in any great way.

What a quiet lane does is allow signs to be placed around the road concerned, which explain it is a quiet lane and in so doing, the hope is the users of it will realise it should be treated accordingly, and differently from a regular highways and therefore keep their speed down.

In the long term it may help our case to reduce the speed and weight limits on the road downwards.  There is a cost and at around £5,000 it is not insignificant however the Parish has agreed to fund this and that is to be welcomed.

Myself Adrian Lawrence, Nigel Dugmore and Phil Loughlin all work closely together and we are all Parish Councillors myself and Cllr Nigel Dugmore are also the Borough Councillors for Muxton.

T&W council kindly sent along three lads from the Highways team who were on hand to answer any technical questions, the mood of the meeting was positive and residents seemed very much in favour of our proposal certainly reading through the comments on the feedback forms.

A big thanks as always to Cllr Phil Loughlin for organising and putting leaflets through all the houses on Muxton Lane itself and those houses on roads immediately off it.

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