The Muxton Outdoor Gym is a great highlight from mine and Cllr Nigel Dugmore term in office, this was funded by a S106 agreement (money from developers) from the C2/C3 development, which at the time was one of the most disliked and resisted developments in the history of Telford and Wrekin Council, but some good has come of it at least!

Residents have helped to ensure that the equipment has been well looked after and treated with respect, I’ve noticed more and more regular users of it included a fitness instructor who makes training videos on the Gym in public!  Well done to him and all the other users.

Under the Labour administration there have been ever more and more fast food takeaways given planning consent, whenever I mention the example of Croydon who have restricted planning for junk food outlets I get given a lecture about how we can’t stop applications and should welcome them!   We need a healthy borough not a record for the most overweight borough in the UK, which sometimes I feel is where the Labour lot are taking us.

Anyway living a healthy lifestyle is what this gym is about and because it is free and in the middle of Muxton, residents can easily make use of it and get use it to help to get fit at no extra cost to themselves.


I found this great video on Youtube so if you don’t live in Muxton you can see something of our area and get an understanding of what an Outdoor gym is like and how popular and beneficial it is to a community like ours.    This is not the training video I mentioned above, I am looking for that, and will ask the lads concerned next time I see them.  The Outdoor Gym in Muxton Telford Shropshire is one of largest in the UK and has a wide range of exercise equipment selected and designed to give users a great workout.

Visitors have been coming from out of area to look at this as an exemplar of the benefits to health of such a setup and showcasing Muxton to the outside world is no bad thing either.

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