Councillor Tony Lowe / Anthony Lowe Shawbirch Telford

I am helping Tony Lowe in his attempt at taking the Liberal seat of Shawbirch in Telford.  Tony is a great candidate for this ward, he lives very close by and is already the deputy mayor of Wellington Town Council.

Here are just some of the many reasons why Tony will make a first rate Councillor for Shawbirch Telford.

* Vigorously opposes the Shawbirch N.E. development .

* Fights overnight closure of the A&E at the PRH.

* Favours value for Tax payers money.

* Hard working and active already.

* Wants Improved commuications for the ward.

The current councillor is Liberal and whilst a thoroughly nice fellow he does solidly support the Telford Labour Group and props up their adminstration.

I’ve been out with Tony on the doorstep in Shawbirch so I know first hand that he is both active, hardworking and putting in a full effort to win this year.

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